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Then you must know not all diesel trucks are created equal.

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It's important to know which models to stay away from before you begin your search. The last thing you want is to make a poor investment. Read on to learn which trucks to avoid.

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They hired a different engine maker to create a better diesel engine. The result was the 6.

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This engine is not bigger than the size of a Volkswagen bug, which means it's not the most powerful. The 6.

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Owners of this car also had to make costly crypto Invest madrid due to the constant oil leakage from the main seal. Yet, this diesel truck couldn't compete with other similar engines. This is another of the chevy diesel crypto Invest madrid that had a lot of mechanical issues.

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The most common issue was the pump-mounted driver. Without this unit, the power supply cannot fuel the solenoid. The result is a truck that stalls or doesn't start, period.

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Ford Super Duty 6. In fact, this modern diesel engine was one of the worst ones. There was, in fact, a lawsuit between Navistar and Ford over this engine. The suit cited issues with the head gasket and fuel system repairs. Any repairs made to this issues required the cab to be removed.

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Just imagine how expensive this repair is. This truck, however, wasn't much better than the 6.

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It still has many issues which include the same fuel system failure as the 6. The truck is also infamous for oil dilution, which leads to a lack of lubrication and the end result is engine failure. What Chevy did with this truck was take the gas model and turn in into diesel.

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This move didn't make the truck more efficient, in fact, it crypto Invest madrid it into a money pit. Not only is this truck and oil burner, but it has problems with head bolts.

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Other issues include high compression ration, weak torque, and lifted cylinder heads. When it comes to buying a used diesel truck, avoid looking into these models. It's always a great idea to read consumer reports and educate yourself on which diesel trucks are the best.

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Want to read about 4 tips for Diesel Truck Care? Click here to read.

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